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Fancy working  with others to prepare  and enjoy   a healthy meal?

'Cooking with Confidence' brings our Service Users together every Thursday to work together to prepare a light healthy meal in our newly-fitted kitchen, encouraging members to take part in the food preparation to help improve their kitchen skills.

The group works with ingredients provided to us via partnerships with supermarkets Aldi and Lidl through the  Neighbourly social platform to prepare a healthy lunch usually decided upon that day. Our spontaneous lunches have included  Thai Fish Parcels,  Quorn Bolognaise and Jacket Potatoes in the past.


While preparing such  culinary delights, Service Users  are encouraged to take into account     the preparations  that are involved in making  meals, and perhaps consider how to prepare these meals at home.

Session Times             Price

Thursdays 11am-1pm                                                              £2 per  session

Session Times            

Thursdays 3pm-5pm                          


£2 per  session                                       

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