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Like to sing? This choir comes together to sing songs (both classic and modern) within the community.

The Rhodes Bank Choir provides a unique experience to all its members; providing them with the skills to sing in a professional choir. Members learn breathing techniques and vocal development while rehearsing towards live event performances.

The choir  works to engage with the  wider public  by performing at community  venues and  for events  hosted by other groups and organisations  in the local area. This is something members are encouraged to prepare for throughout the various sessions and are included in the preparations for such events. As such, members develop vital skills in communication and presentation  that can transfer to other aspects of their lives.

In terms of music, the choir use a wide range of material in their performances to satisfy and expand the musical experience for both the members and the viewing public. The songs that the choir  work to  develop skills within each member  in terms of how to control their voices and breathing when singing and how to adapt depending on each song. We are open to song suggestions from  members of the choir  to see what musical direction the group would like to go in.

Session Times               Price

Wednesdays 12pm - 1:30pm                                             £1 per session

Session Times            

Wednesdays 1:30pm-3pm        



 £1  per  session                                    

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