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Fancy  a bit of acting and performing for the local community?

Stage Right is a unique disability-led theatre group that empowers its members to learn professional level performance skills whilst developing personal skills such as teamwork, confidence building and mastering verbal and physical expression.

Founded in 2012, Stage Right encourages users of all levels of performance experience to work as a team to develop and star in their own theatre productions. This allows each members’ creativity to flourish and helps them to develop their understanding of the many disciplines of performing arts. The group works to overcome the limited resources available by approaching each workshop and performance with a maturity, determination and an open mind.

For only £2 per session, the group works to create original performances that cover a variety of different subjects such as  society, family and overcoming rejection.  The group have  also adapted a number of popular and classic works from A Midsomer Night's Dream and An Inspector Calls to Blues Brothers,  a task which challenges members to  work with pre-existing material and  make the characters their own.

Stage Right continues to live up to its tagline of ‘turning any space into a theatre’ by adapting to a wide range of performance venues such as church halls, pubs and conventional theatres. The group now rehearse within their own performance space in the First Floor Studio of Rhodes Bank Chambers.

Session Times                Price

Group One:  Mondays 1pm - 2:30pm                        £2 per  session

Group Two:  Mondays 2:30pm - 4pm

Session Times                

Group One:  Mondays 1pm - 2:30pm                        

Group Two:  Mondays 2:30pm - 4pm


£2 per session

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