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Fancy learning how to read in a no-pressure environment?

'Books Together' come together every Thursday to read and discuss books, both classic and contemporary. It is a no pressure environment where members can choose to read aloud, read along or just listen to the story unfold.

The  group  reads  books that  are of a  mature viewpoint, that  challenge each reader  to broaden the material  they enjoy.  We read all types of literature ranging from  The Hunger Games trilogy to  Stephen King's The Shining and  Lynne Truss' The Cat out of Hell to  Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, and  we are always open to suggestions on what to read next.

Regardless of people's abilities when it comes to reading, we all help each other to learn about words that we aren't sure of, which involves people who perhaps aren't able to engage with the reading as much as others.  As a result of this approach,    everyone learns something.

Session Times             Price

Thursdays 1:15pm-2pm                                                        £1    per  session

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