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Marble Surface


Creativity Club

Marble Surface

A session developed to help service users encourage their creative streak! Every week we get together and hone in on our creative outlets, be that through painting, drawings, modelling, photography and much more.

Sessions are a structured arts and craft activity with a therapeutic outcome. Service users get the chance to learn new skills as well as explore creative avenues. In the past we have focused on techniques such as, continuous line, still life, self-portraits, oil painting, paper crafts and much more!

Creativity Club also plays a role in the creation of props and set for Stage Right Performing Arts Group, inter linking groups across the organisation! Service users play a vital role in the direction in which the sessions go. They get to explore a variety of artistic channels, getting to grips with different mediums, styles and ultimately expanding their own creativity with every session!

Over the past couple of years we have gone on to host several art exhibitions, notably Mind over Media in 2023 and in 2017, Sensory Deprivation Exhibition. This was a successful immersive show, focusing on the viewpoint of those who are not considered as neurotypical.

Session Times             Price

Tusesdays 11am-12pm                                                        £3    per  session

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