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Stage Right Performing Arts

Stage Right Performing Arts is a disability-led theatre group that empowers its actors to develop professional-level performance skills in their own environment.

Founded in 2012, Stage Right Performing Arts is one of the highlights of Pennine Mencap’s timetable! We operate an “open to all” theatre company based here at Pennine Mencap HQ, where service users are invited to throw themselves into weekly, two-hour workshops, where they learn new skills, drama techniques and work towards amazing live performances through Greater Manchester.

Each week we take time to try out new and exciting drama games, often service user led. These games help with the development of confidence and develop the feel of a professional theatre company within the group.

We also focus on drama exercises. This activity is aimed at widening service users understanding of performing arts techniques and approaches. Sessions are always fun, but we also want service users to get the most out of everything they’re taking part in, by learning new things when they come to us. We learn techniques such as, monologue delivery, hot seating, breaking the fourth wall and many more, all key skills that our service users can put in their actor’s tool kit.

Stage Right also works towards at least two full-scale live performance per year. We devise, write and create our own shows, full of song, dance and spoken word. As well as perform classic theatre from the likes of Benjamin Britten and William Shakespeare.  We focus on all three disciplines of theatre and celebrate everybody’s unique approach to the art form. Stage Right is a great outlet for anybody within the learning disability community who wants to open their eyes to the world of theatre. Our recent productions include:


2013 A Series of Unexpected Events

2014 Rwizi (The River)

2015 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2015 Still The Point

2016 How Technology Ruined Your Life

2018 Women Behind The War

2019 Sweeney Todd

2022 Peter Grimes

2023 Sweeney Todd

2023 Chicago

2023 Hilarious History

Session Times               Price

Thursdays 11  - 1                                                                                            £3     per  session

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