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Rhodes Bank Choir

Rhodes Bank Choir is Pennine Mencap’s unique disability-led choir who have been running for over a decade. Each week we meet to rehearse and perform a new song to add to our repertoire.

A weekly, two-hour session, we focus on the fundamentals of singing and aim to equip our service users with the necessary skills for performing in a choir.  Sessions are made up of a variety of vocal warmups, often chosen by service users, as well as this we have a period focused on vocal health and technique. We tap into the skills of our staff, helping our choir sing, not only to the best of their ability, but also to be the healthiest and happiest they can be whilst performing.


In terms of music, the choir’s repertoire is very much a wide and expanding array of styles. We have a timetable that we move through, each month, focusing on a different style or theme each week. From Motown to Disney, we encompass a wide range variation of music.

Rhodes Bank Choir also like to work towards live performances across the borough, from care homes and country shows to Oldham Pride March we have done it all. Our sessions are made up of skills and techniques that prepare our service users for performing in front of a live audience. Skills that build confidence, attitudes, and more outgoing people!

Session Times           Price

Tuesday 12:30pm - 2pm                                             £3 per session

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