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A weekly group activity that encourages users to work together to create short films and other creative content

The Film and Media Club is an inclusive group that meets every week to discuss, devise and create short films. The group focuses on learning about all different aspects of film-making from scriptwriting and budgeting to filming and performing in front of the camera, as well as contacting local professionals for filming permission and arranging interviews with important people relevant to the topics they are covering.

For a lot of the members, the group has been a way to feel part of something that is important in that they built they don’t need a personal budget: just £2 and the enthusiasm to create. This enthusiasm has led the films they create to become increasingly credible and diverse in the style and subject matter; from family-based drama to sci-fi horror, from transport documentary to a hard-hitting gangster thriller, from the viral Harlem Shake craze to a 1980’s street dance parody.

This all came about because we approached the members with the prospect of starting a new project and when asked what that project should be, the surprising response was “we want to make a film”. In the following 5 years, we have worked to expand the quality of our resources and equipment.


The charity now has a whole building and the film group have a set of professional filming equipment including a large camera, tripod, dolly and a costume store room. The members are learning skills and making films, and have made the group into a wonderful supportive club in which new members are always welcome!

Session Times                Price

Wednesdays 2pm-4pm                                                                   £2 per  session

Session Times                

Wednesdays 4pm-6pm                            



£2 per  session

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