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Inspire Me is a service designed to provide meaningful and enjoyable daytime activities for adults with learning disabilities, autism and other related difficulties in a unique, fully supported environment.

The principle aim of Inspire Me is to create a day service which is inclusive, creative, educational and ambitious, while most importantly treating its attendees as what they are: adults.

We ensure that our activities are accessible and understandable while treating service users with respect and honesty, encouraging them to try new things while carefully managing any anxieties and challenging behaviour. Inspire Me will have a strong emphasis on inspiring creativity, including physical arts, crafts, drama, music, dance and movement and will fully draw on our skills and knowledge in this area. We will also regularly arrange day trips and activities that will add to the experience.


The service will also regularly incorporate activities that will help to support positive health and wellbeing, cultural awareness and practical skills such as food preparation/cookery.

Additionally, attendees of the service will periodically be given the chance to achieve accredited entry-level qualifications due to our membership of the National Open College Network. We believe everyone should be recognised for learning new skills, and as such we are developing accessible, no-pressure assessment methods to provide these opportunities to all attendees including those with severely limited verbal and/or written communication skills.

Please contact us for more information for Inspire Me and  to confirm when places are available for this service.

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